Festival ready this winter

I wanted to start this week off with a relaxed look! I am normally all about dressing up with the dress, heels, and jewelry but sometimes you just want to be relaxed. I felt completely comfortable in this loose shirt, black jeans and hat. I couldn’t dress completely down though (it would just not be me hahaha) so I paired this look with high heeled black booties which are super comfy.

Outfit Details:

Shirt is Free People. Similar here.

Similar black jeans here. 

Booties from Zara. Similar here. 

Hat from Nordstrom here. 

Red on red

Happy Friday loves! As you may know, New York & Company is one of my favorite stores and this is a dress from one of their new collections. It does run a bit large so I would go down one size. You could also pair this with over the knee high heeled boots. Since I’m petite I always feel like with certain clothes I have to wear heels because they make me feel and look taller. With this dress though I felt like I could definitely have worn flats or sandals and it would have looked great.

I wore this look for Christmas and felt super comfortable. You could also take the red belt it comes with off and trade it in for a thin gold chained belt or even a black belt. I, myself, am not a huge fan of black so I always pair looks with golds, silvers, and coppers. Also, I tried something different with this look because I don’t usually wear clothes and earrings that are the same color and this time, I decided to pair a bright red dress with bright red earrings. I am into monochromatic looks more and more every day and this was another step into that stylistic direction. Well loves, hope you had a wonderful Thursday and thank goodness today is Friday!


Red Dress from New York & Company here

Heels are Prada. Similar here

Earrings are H&M and can be found here (only $12.99). 

Glitter, shine, and stars

Happy Thursday! It’s almost Friday loves (so excited for this-mainly because I plan on reorganizing my room hahaha)! So, I was planning on wearing this awesome dress on New Year’s Eve (and had been planning it for about a month already) but I was beyond exhausted so I opted for some comfy pants, a coat, and wedge boots.

This dress is perfect for any fancy occasion, not just New Year’s Eve. I’d wear it to a wedding, fancy dinner or date. It really is versatile and doesn’t necessarily fit only into one season. I would definitely even wear this in the summer. As to fit, I’m usually a 00, 0, or extra small and this dress is an extra small, however, it runs a bit large so I would definitely size down one size. Hope you enjoy this look!


Dress from New York & Company here and here

Heels are Prada. Similar here

Similar black earrings here

Happy Thursday!


Edgy with leather and pearls

Happy Wednesday! I love pairing edgier items with more sophisticated pieces in my wardrobe. For instance, I was excited to pair this pleather studded skirt with a flowy blouse and pointy boots with pearls, as well as pearl earrings.I was very comfortable and felt like a cool version of myself with pleather and boots!

For a really cold day you can add tights and over the knee boots with a puffy jacket. For a warm day, you can wear tennis shoes (converse would be my shoe of choice) and a T-shirt tied at the waist for shape. There’s just so many options!

Well, hope you had an awesome Wednesday and that this look inspires you to put together something of your own! If you do, tag me on Instagram (@susyslooks) so I can take a look!


White blouse from H&M. Similar here and here

Pleather skirt from H&M. Similar here and here

Pearl boots from Zara here (only $12.99). 

Red Coat Of My Dreams

Happy Tuesday! I am completely, totally, and 100% in love with this coat! I waited over 4 months for this coat to go on sale and my goodness it finally did! As soon as it did I jumped on the opportunity to purchase it! I bought both myself and my sister this exact same coat and we both absolutely adore it!

As you know from my previous post, I am definitely a fan of nautical themed outfits and this is no exception. I feel like I’ve never had a more beautiful coat honestly and it definitely makes a statement. I paired it with a white dress shirt and over the knee velvet blue boots (another new staple in my wardrobe thanks to the sales at Zara). Hope you enjoy this look as much as I did! This coat will definitely be making many more appearances on the blog and on my Instagram (@susyslooks) before winter comes to an end.

Happy Tuesday!

Outfit Details:

Coat from Banana Republic. Similar here.

Dress shirt from H&M. Similar here and here

Boots from Zara here

Army Vibes Any Day

Hi all and happy second day of the year! I’m in love nautical style clothing. I just love clean cut lines. Plus, red, blue and white go so well together. As many of you may know, Banana Republic is one of my favorite stores ever and whenever I go shopping I make sure to always go there. I love how they tailor their clothes, plus they carry petite sizes and are one of the few stores that actually have them available at their physical stores.

They also recently came out with a collection with Olivia Palermo and I wanted every single piece in the collection! This is one of the nautical themed coats in the collection (more coat inspiration to come). I’ve already worn it 3 times and have only had it for a week. The entire collection was on huge sale over Christmas break and I was ecstatic! Hope you all are having a great day back to reality! I will miss the holidays and all the great food, Christmas is definitely my all time favorite holiday. I’m so excited for Christmas next year when I will officially be a married woman (enter excited and nervous face hahaha)!

Outfit Details:

Jacket from Banana Republic x Olivia Palermo Collection. Similar here. 

White collared shirt from Banana Republic here

Shorts from Zara. Similar here

Boots from Zara here. On super sale for only $30!

Purse in Dooney & Burke. Similar here

Tips for relaxing!



Happy first day of 2018! Today’s world is all about the next step before you even finish the one you’re on and I learned this past year that you have to take one step at a time and actually take time to have fun and enjoy life. I was raised to always work really hard to get what you wanted and needed from life and I had to teach myself this year that you also have to leave time to relax and recharge or you will burn out. So, I have put together a short list of the types of things that help me relax and feel better when a day has been hectic.

Outfit Details:

Shirt from Ralph Lauren. Similar here

Jeans from Marshalls. Similar here

Converse here

My new favorite lipstick from TooFaced here

Heres’ my list:

  1. Playing with my puppy. I honestly never felt like I was a dog person but then I accidentally got Manchas (my now 1.5 year old Jack Russell Chihuahua) and I fell in love with her! I couldn’t imagine my life without her. In many ways, it’s like having a baby to look after because you have to feed them, bath them, and make sure they have a babysitter when you travel. But dogs are much easier than babies in my opinion because dogs are more independent and really take care of themselves, play by themselves, and just give you tons and tons of love (Manchas loves giving kisses). Playing and cuddling with Manchas truly relaxes me and just makes me a whole lot happier because she is such an innocent and happy puppy and just gives love to everyone that crosses her path. It’s the perfect therapy for me (although it was supposed to be my sister’s therapy dog really hahaha)!
  2. Movies. I love spending time with my fiancé and going to movies, doing some shopping, and just going out to get a coffee together. We just laugh and talk about our goals and it just makes me feel more calm and secure in our decisions made both independently and as a couple.
  3. Eating out. I love trying new restaurants but what I really enjoy is going to restaurants where you already know the menu so you know what to expect and the specific things you’ll love to eat. My absolute favorite place to eat in Las Vegas is Brio, an Italian restaurant. I’ve been going there for almost 6 years and they never disappoint!
  4. Making organized lists. Counting to 10 has never really worked for me, I’m a very active person so in order for me to feel like things are moving forward I have to physically do something to make it happen (whether it be making a phone call, sending an email, or purchasing something). But before taking any active steps I always make a list and take it down in writing so that I visibly see all my options laid out in front of me and can best decide to move the ball forward. I hate having to make huge decisions under pressure and in a rushed manner so my lists really help me stay calm while making the decision because I feel like everything is laid out in front of me.
  5. Visions boards. As I talked about in my previous post, I truly believe in vision boards and the law of attraction. A vision board helps me have my goals visually in front of me everyday so that even subconsciously I work towards making them happen. I will vouch for vision boards any day! They make things happen! As I said previously, things don’t magically happen just by having a vision board but they do prepare your mind daily to stay focused and that’s my favorite thing about them. There doesn’t have to be someone pestering you every day about what you have to do-a vision board presents your goals to your mind in a way that you would like to be reminded of them daily. Lastly, you can attract positive things to your life! So be happy, stay positive, and most importantly, never ever give up! And as my parents always told me, someone is always worse off than you so be grateful!

Meet Manchas-the canine love of my life (always making me messy but I wouldn’t have it any other way!):