Happy New Year!

Hello everyone! I want to wish everyone a happy new year and hope that you reach all your dreams in this upcoming year! As for me, I plan to make a vision board in order to keep my goals and dreams on track and to remind me daily that I have to work towards a better tomorrow. Last time I created a vision board was about 10 years ago and honestly every single thing, absolutely every single thing, on my board board came true. I can’t say everything I hoped for magically came to fruition, I still had to work extremely hard in all aspects of my life. But having my goals visible every single day made me think about them daily and therefore, work towards making them coming true every day. I feel like self consciously by seeing your goals laid out every day you work towards them. This is especially true if you look at your vision board every single day in the morning. I believe that you most definitely call positive things to your life and having a positive outlook on life truly makes life easier and attracts positive things to you. I’m a total believer in the law of attraction!

As to this look, I am totally in love with it! I wore it last week when my sister surprised me with Lindsey Sterling tickets (I, myself, am a violinist so I am in love with opera, string music, and especially violin artists like Lindsey) and my fiancé surprised me with a visit (since we live in separate states right now). I love how the one piece body suit fit me to a T (one of the things I love about H&M clothing). Plus, I had been waiting for this black skirt to go on sale for 4 months and finally it did! I usually don’t wear faux fur but it was so cold that Friday that I felt like I needed something hefty to keep me warm. And lastly, I paired this look with black strappy heels and my ever-present statement earrings. Hope this look gives you guys New Years inspiration. As for me, for today’s celebrations I plan on wearing a glittery dress and hopefully can post pictures of my look with enough time for you guys to perhaps get some more New Year’s looks inspiration prior to your celebrations.


Coat from Micahel Kors. Similar here ($228) here ($129) and here ($68.60).

Statement earrings from Zara. Similar here ($15.99). I bought them full price but they are now all 50% off. I also bought these, now $12.99. 

Body suit from H&m. Similar here ($24.99). 

Skirt from H&M here ($24.99) 

Strappy heels. Similar here ($119) here ($112.99) and here ($14.98). 

Now let’s talk goals…..

Like may of you, one of my goals last year my goals was to get fit and I honestly didn’t do anything towards this goal until July but once I started in July you can say I started strong and worked really hard to stay strong. I not only went to he gym 3-5 days a week but I definitely ate a million times healthier than I used to. It took me about 6 months to see any true difference since I started strong but definitely slowly so I didn’t shock my body. But at the 6 month mark I started seeing drastic results. I’m not done working towards my fitness goals yet and every day is a new challenge to stay on track, but I definitely don’t plan on giving up. I have certain fitness goals I want to reach before my wedding this year and I hope to start 2018 with a positive mindset and a dedication to staying on track with my fitness goals once again.

Happy New Year!