Who doesn’t love white all year round?!?!

Happy Sunday everyone! As you all know, I love love love white! And have recently added this white dress to my collection. It is still pretty fresh here in Vegas but surprisingly I am looking forward to the end of summer. Summer is actually my favorite season of all time but surprisingly I am looking forward to fall coats and boots. I’m not really a sweater girl but am definitely a coat girl. I lived in the East coast for 3 years so I have, let’s say, a wide collection of coats from then hahahaha and I couldn’t get myself to get rid of them even though it never ever snows in Vegas. And I actually travel to the northern part of Nevada quite a bit so the coats still really do come in handy.

Nevertheless, here are the details on my look. I almost didn’t buy this dress but I saw the bell sleeves and couldn’t resist. Now on to the most exciting part of this post, I literally waited for the pearl sandals I am wearing for 6 months. These sandals were $60 and I couldn’t get myself to buy them and then miraculously one day they went down to $30 and I jumped on the opportunity. They are from Zara, one of the few stores that carries a size 5 so I was beyond excited. Since the pearl sandals are black I paired this look with a black Kate Spade purse as well (my favorite place to buy purses from). Hope you guys enjoy the details of this look and have a happy and relaxing Sunday!


Dress from Nordstrom Rack. Similar here and here.

Sandals from Zara here (SOLD OUT). Similar here and here.

Purse from Kate Spade. Similar here.


Summer is winding down but it’s not so sad

Happy Saturday! The weather in Vegas has been so crazy! I shot this look last week when it was still over 100 degrees out and all of a sudden this weekend the weather has been as low as 69 degrees. I can believe it! It usually doesn’t get cold in Vegas until mid to late October so I’m in total shock.

Now on to this look, me shirt and shorts all both from H&M. they are having a great end of the summer sale. I paired my outfit with Tory Burch sandals that I bought at the beginning of the summer but for some reason didn’t end up wearing it until this past week. I love them, they’re so comfortable and definitely add some inches to my 5′ 1” height! Finally, I added a cream coach purse to complete this look. It is such a small and portable purse and so comfortable to carry around.

Plus, I love over the shoulder shirts and for some reason this summer I just couldn’t stay away from the color blue so I added this blue shirt to my wardrobe. On another exciting note, I usually have a really hard time finding shorts that fit comfortably because they’re either too short or just too tight but these shorts were perfect because they are high waisted and the materials is a linen type so its very comfy. I bought these shorts in this color and an orange color.

Now, it seems I will have to wrap up my summer looks since it definitely feels like fall here in Vegas, at least for now. Here, we have winter one day and summer the next.


Shirt from H&M. Similar here ($17.99) and here ($30.99).

Shorts from H&M. Similar here ($17.99).

Heels from Tory Burch. Similar here ($149.00)and more affordable version here ($90.00).

Purse from Coach. Similar here ($395).

White After Labor Day

Happy Friday everyone! I hope you all like this dress as much as I do. It is perfect for a fancy outing or a workday. If you use it for a workday you could pair it with a collared shirt underneath, I would go with a white or black one. It would be a perfect look for winter and would keep you warm! I paired this dress with nude heels and shoes as I wanted to go for a more sophisticated look. I also added my favorite pearl earrings of all time and a red lip.

I love dresses that have a modest tone but have unique characteristics like this one. At first look, it seems just to be a cream colored dress but it actually has swirl patterns all throughout and has an open back which makes it flirty. Well happy Friday and I hope everyone has a happy weekend!


Dress from H&M. Similar here.

Heels from Kate Spade. Similar here.

Purse from kate Spade. Similar here.

Similar pearl earrings here.

Spunky suit

Hello all! So, I am in love with this suit and I was actually able to wear it without any tailoring. It is from Topshop and i got it on major sale at Nordstrom Rack (what I consider to be my personal slice of heaven hahaha). I paired it with a one shoulder blouse since it is still pretty hot in Vegas, although this week we have had 70 degree weather, which is unheard of because we usually have summer until about mid to late October, and in December we still have hot days. I also paired this look with booties from Zara. I got these boots last season towards the end of winter so I wasn’t able to wear them until this year and I was just so excited! Zara boots are usually between $70-$100 and I love them all so I can’t in good conscience buy them all at that price so I wait until end of winter sales and usually get them all for $30 each. A major sale in my mind since they also carry a size 5 which is really hard to find usually. Last but not least, I paired the entire look with statement earrings (per usual) and a black and white purse which I feel gave this more of a 70s vibe which I loved. I feel like usually I go for a 60’s vibe (cat eye, big hair, bows, and all) but this time the 70’s vibe just felt right. Well loves I hope you enjoy this look and that it gives you ideas to create your own! Happy Friday!


Blazer and skirt from Topshop. Similar here (peach metallic blazer) and here (peach metallic pants).

Shirt from Banana Republic. Similar here.

Booties from Topshop. Similar here and here. I also absolutely positively love these and these.

Purse from Kate Spade. Similar here and here.

Earrings from Zara. Similar here.

Statement earrings and shirts

Hello dear readers! I’ve taken a bit of a break since I have been terribly sick for the past week and a half but I am finally loads better now! Still not totally healed but on the mend. I actually never ever get sick so for me this was a new one since I’m not used to feeling sick at all so the panic was real. But thank goodness this Monday I started going to the gym again, shooting outfits, and walking my sweet little puppy (who is not a puppy anymore really, she’s already 1 year and 5 months but she stayed super tiny and only weighs like ten pounds so she still looks like a baby to me-I love her to death!) I totally tell my sisters and parents that I’m taking her with me when I get married but they refuse to give her up! She has loads of love all around.

On another note loves, here is Wednesday’s look! I usually don’t wear such low cut shirts but this one just fit great in all the right places and looked stunning so I gave it a try. I purchased it on one of my recent trips to TJ Maxx on mega sale. I decider to pair it with culotte levis which are my latest obsession. I love culottes because they are the perfect pant for a petite person (I’m 5′ 1”) without having to get tailored. I actually wore these jeans 3 times in one week when I first got them (I love them) because she can pair them with sandals, heels, tennis shoes! They are super easy to dress up or down. As to the heel I’m wearing, I love how they wrap around the ankles, it’s a great summer shoe and super comfortable because of the wedge heel.

As to accessories and hair, I used to experiment like crazy with my hair when I was younger and would try a million different hair styles but nowadays I either do the sleek straight look or voluminous curls. For some reason I feel like when you first do your hair you have to leave it down or else it’s a wasted hairstyle lol and I always do a ponytail on the second day. I try to only wash my hair every other day (unless the gym was exceptional intense one day lol). Here, I tried a low piny with a part in the middle to create a sleek look (and to get back to trying new things with my hair) with a pop of red lip. I added bold statement earrings (my favorite in a look) to bring together the bold look.


Earrings from H&M. Similar here ($42.00) and here ($24.00).

Shirt from TJ Maxx. Statement shirts here ($35.90) and here ($49.90).

Pants from Marshalls. Similar here ($44.99) and here ($59.60).

Heels are Steven Madden and are from Nordstrom Rack. Similar here ($84.00).