Pink, pink, and more pink!

Happy Sunday guys! I love weekends but Sunday are the saddest days because the next day will be Monday and that is all I can think about! Can’t wait for the next long weekend! I shot this look at a beautiful location in Las Vegas-I’ve been discovering more and more beautiful locations that I never knew existed. Vegas is definitely more than just a desert!

As to this look, I paired a pink dress with a pink hat because I just thought it looked so cute together. I want to try more likes pairing the same colors (but in different shades) together. I feel like it ups the ante for the look and makes it look more dressed up. I also paired this look with bold pearl earrings because, first, I love pearls, second, I love how the earrings are bold because it takes the look up a notch and just makes it different. Last, I added gold sandals to this look because I was going to be walking and exploring so I wanted to be comfortable, but this look could also easily have been paired with nude strappy heels or wedges.


Hat from Lack of Color. Similar here ($89) and here ($184).

Dress from Nordstrom Rack. Similar here ($34.50) and here ($22.90).

Sandals are Tory Burch. Similar here ($195) and here ($195).

Happy Sunday!


Picnic Saturday!

Picnic time! I had wanted to go on a picnic for a while but the Vegas heat is so intense I hadn’t quite gotten the courage to do it, but this Saturday I just went for it! It was nice while I could stand the heat (for approximately 5 minutes) but at least I was able to get these beautiful pictures! I bought all the food for my picnic at Trader Joe’s and Sprouts (my favorite grocery stores of all time). Putting together a picnic is so fun because you basically just have to put together a lot of finger foods and drinks and you’re set to go.

I personally bought cheese, crackers, bread, strawberries, chocolates, and lots and lots of cold drinks. It was fun putting it all together but let just say next time I have a picnic it will be in the fall hahahaha I thought I was going to melt towards the end.


Hat from Target. Similar here and here. I bought this hat last year and I love hats so much (hence I have so many of them) that I had not gotten the chance to wear it until this day. It’s bigger than the hats I usually wear but was so handy in protecting me from the sun.

Dress from Marshalls. Similar here, here, here, and here. I walked in to Marshalls to look for a picnic blanket and came out with this beautiful dress! Im in love. It’s off the shoulder but so different form other off the shoulder dresses because it has additional details around the shoulder area which really makes it unique. Marshalls is seriously my weakness, I can never leave without a dress (or may 2 or 3) like ever ever because they usually range between $20-$30.

Sandals from Tory Burch.

Gift of gab



Readers……I have been gifted with the gift of gab in written word. In other words, imagine a person that talks a lot (a lot) and translate all that verbal communication into written word. I just have a lot to say some times when I write, especially when it comes to things I love…like clothes, fashion, jewelry, and animal rights (a picture of my beautiful one year old puppy will be forthcoming :)).

On that note, let’s move on to this outfit. This is also one of the looks I wore in San Diego. It is beautiful there but it is very very very humid so I did a lot of pony tails and breezy outfits. Then at night it was actually chilly so I needed to wear sweaters.

As to my jumpsuit, it is linen so it is super comfortably and easy to move around in. I am a super stickler for fabrics that feel nice against the skin so certain fabrics (like wool) I just won’t wear. But linen is one of my favorites, along with cotton. I paired this jumpsuit with my Tory Burch sandals, they are my go to every day. They are one of the most comfortable sandals you will ever wear-I feel like now I have Tory sandals in every color! And I’ve moved on to the heels (not a healthy addiction but just don’t tell my future husband, it might be a deal breaker hahahaha).

I completed this look with statement earrings. As I’ve mentioned, I love statement jewelry and I pretty much buy this exact earring style every time H&M comes out with a new color. Why mess with a good thing right?! Hope you enjoy this look!


Earrings from H&M here ($12.99).

Jumpsuit from Abercrombie & Fitch here ($58).

Sandals from Tory Burch here and here ($195).

Happy Monday!


San Diego Diary 1 (Love this city!)

Guys! I love San Diego! Like love love love! I don’t know if it was just the intoxicating fumes of vacation or the beautiful ocean (from a desert girl’s point of view) but I’m in love with this city!

I basically lived at Little Italy when I was there. It is right by my favorite Vegan Cafe and within walking distance of the marina. On one of my many visits to the marina I wore this outfit. It was sunset and the summer breeze was perfect (although a bit strong when they boats went by) so the lighting was perfect for photographs.


Shirt details can be found here ($52).

Shorts from H&M can be found here ($24.99).

Belt from Kate Space is actually a scarf used as a belt and can be found here ($44.97).

Purse from Kate Spade. Similar here ($132.66).

Gladiator sandals sold out. Similar one here ($49) and here ($34).

Until next time!

Blue Sea of Ruffles




Hello! As you all know, i loved vacationing in San Diego. This is one of the locations we visited and it is hidden away and it actually seems like you are driving up to houses and once you park you realize that below is the hotel and golf course. The day I took these pictures it was a bit gloomy but still beautiful. Thank God I didn’t get hit by a golf ball hahaha.

In this look, I paired two ruffle pieces. I normally try to wear one big statement piece like a shirt, skirt/pants, or necklace and leave everything else more simple. But in this look I couldn’t resist, I paired a ruffled shirt with a full blown ruffle skirt. The skirt was a bit long from the back but I still liked the length. I do think I will go get it hemmed before I wear it again next time though to ensure it does not drag. I also liked the idea that the shirt was a one shoulder shirt and that the ruffles were only on one shoulder, 2 ruffled shoulders would have just been too much and it would have made the dress and shirt look like a dress. Plus, I decided to add bold royal blue strappy heels. If you are going to an even why not go all out right? The fact that the heels were wedges gave the look an even more summery feel. All in all, I really liked the look, it is perfect for a summer wedding!


Shirt is from Alpha & Omega and details can be found here.

Skirt is from New York and Company. Similar one can be found here (on sale for $49).

Heels are from Steve Madden and can be found here.

Earrings can be found at Baublebar here.


Beautiful Saturday Among Nature


Happy Saturday all! So, I just went to this beautiful location here in Las Vegas. I honestly never thought Vegas had such green and beautiful places (and I’ve lived here for 17 years), but I have been finding so many of them lately. The one in these pictures was one of them and I fell in love. It had waterfalls, picnic areas, and little lagoons. So beautiful! Maybe I should put together guide of best places in Las Vegas from a local’s perspective……

On another note, let’s move on to the outfit. I’m obsessed with off the should shirts this summer and I feel like I just keep buying them in different colors. I had finally said I would stop purchasing them and then I saw this beautiful green one and I couldn’t resist! So here you have it. It fits great, mine is a small and the material is soft but it isn’t silk. I paired it with a white skirt which I think just made it perfect for summer. White (and blue) is a color I can’t stop wearing all summer, especially in this heat. Plus, white makes any outfit pop because it’s actually a really bold color. Many people don’t wear it because it stains easily (and it does) but I wear it and just eat very carefully hahaha. I paired my entire look with my new at Tory Burch heels which I couldn’t be happier with. They are super comfortable because of the wedge so I can actually go more than 4 hours wearing them and not feel a stitch of discomfort.

On to accessories, I paired my skirt with a green necklace but a different shade of the green I was wearing to make it stand out on its own and not blend in with the shirt. I also added a green belt to my skirt to make my waist stand out more and give more separation between the skirt and the shirt. As a tip, I always buy my belts on sale as they tend to be pricier when they are regular price and I just don’t feel comfortable overspending on an accessory that isn’t jewelry (although I probably should). Banana Republic has the best sales on belts. Lastly, I added a blue quilted purse because I didn’t want to wear one that was any of the colors I was already wearing. I wanted a purse that would stand out but also mesh well together with the entire look. There you go! Happy Saturday!


Green Shirt from Society of Chic here.

White skirt from Ann Taylor. Similar here and here.

Belt from Banans Republic. Similar one here and here.

Heels from at Tory Burch (see previous post with details here).

Necklace from Baublebar here. Similar here.


Blue on blue


Hello everyone! So, as many of you may know, I am very petite. Hence I often shop in the children’s section because their clothes is just so cute! This dress is from the kids section at Zara. Zara is having a huge sale right now (link to Zara sale is here).


Dress from Zara here ($25.99). I fit into the largest kids size Zara carries (13-14 and sometimes even the 11-12). I definitely recommend trying the clothes on since kids clothes does fit differently and is roomier than adult clothing.

Shoes from Tory Burch here ($209). These are the most comfortable shoes ever! I don’t usually buy wedges because it’s very difficult to find my size (I’m a 5) but when I found these wedges and saw that they fit perfectly I couldn’t leave them. They are $209 here and if you go to a Tory Burch store they are having an extra 30% off. Great deal for Tory Burch who doesn’t usually have sales this big at its stores.

Purse from Kate Spade can be found in this older post.

Have a great night!


The perfect loafer (and mini skirt)



Hello all! Today we will be talking mini skirts! I have to confess I’ve never really been a mini skirt fan just because I always feel like they are too mini hahaha (aka too short). However, I’ve always had a sweet spot for Zara mini skirts. They just fit well in all the right places. It also helps that I’m 5’1” so not much actually looks mini on me. When selecting a mini skirt I suggest you always always always trying it on first-better safe then sorry. I also try to choose skirts that can go from day to night without missing a beat to get more bang for your buck. Last on the list on mini skirt advise, buy what you like whether mini or long and just own it. How you wear it really does impact how you look in it. Wear that confidence!

Now moving on to this look. I wore this look out in California this past weekend and it was super comfy and airy for the cool California weather. I swear even their hottest day is our coolest day in Vegas. I paired this skirt with a cotton shirt from Abercrombie. I am a die hard cotton shirt wearer. I will choose cotton over any other material any time. It just feels so soft against your skin and allows you to feel comfortable and clean in the most extreme climate. I paired this look with my new loafers which were an amazing an affordable buy recently from forever 21. As you all may know this style of loafer has been all over media as a loafer staple. Gucci began the trend and now other stores have adopted more affordable versions. There are many benefits to this Forever21 loafer because unlike the Gucci loafer, you cannot see an immediate heavy crease in the front section of the shoe as soon as you walk in it. Although this crease does develop even in the Forever21 shoe it is not as prominent because the red rose embroidered patch on top of the shoe helps hide and decrease any potential creasing that may occur. Therefore, not only is the Forever21 loafer cheaper but it honestly seems sturdier as well. Nobody can beat that Gucci but we can try right?!


Shirt from Abercrombie here (only $10). Snag it while it lasts!

Skirt from Zara here (only $20). Zara is also having a major sale right now (post to come with best deals).

Purse from Kate Spade. Similar one here (Kate Spade is also having a major sale right now).

Loafers from Forever21. This version is sold out (everyone trying to beat that Gucci) but there are similar options here and here.