White for the Summer

Hello everyone! I am so glad to be back on my blog! I know it has been a while…and I mean quite a while! But soooo many things have been going on like getting a new job, moving houses, taking another bar exam. Needless to say, things have been hectic but I’m ready to get back to the grind now. I have so many outfits to show you guys and I’m so excited to post them all within the next few weeks. Although there hasn’t been as many updates on my blog you can have a peek at all the looks I will be posting in the next few weeks on my instagram (@susyslooks).

Now let’s get down to business! First, I love white jumpsuits. If I have to decide between anything else-dresses, skirts, shoes, jewelry-a white jumpsuit will always win! So, as soon as I saw a preview of this jumpsuit I knew I wanted it. Second, I have been watching Carlyi Bybel for years and when I knew she was coming out with a clothes line I was beyond excited.

I love the almost netted details of the jumpsuit and the fact that it’s like a two piece made into one. I’m usually between a size 0/2 in the U.S. but in this jumpsuit I actually went up to a 4 because European clothes are usually made smaller. The top part of the jumpsuit fit me exactly and the bottom was a bit loose but that made me feel comfortable because I don’t like being tight all around. Also, as you can see, the leg part of the jumpsuit was a bit long and I chose to just fold it but you can also get it tailored so there is no need for folding (shorty problems!). I paired this jumpsuit with gold metallic heels because well, gold is my favorite color and I thought the occasion merited this. Plus, they are the perfect summer shoe. I added statement earrings to this look because I felt like it brought the look together because it gave it a huge pop of color. As you can see, my lip color also matched the earrings to make it more aesthetically connected. Finally, my jumpsuit does appear to have sold out but they have promised to restock, so hopefully this item will be restocked soon. I have linked some similar pieces below. Hope you guys enjoyed this post and be ready for many more to come!


My white jumpsuit is from the Carli Bybel Missguided collection (will be re-stocked soon hopefully). I have linked a similar Carli Bybel dress here, as well as other white jumpsuits here ($115) and here ($46.80).

My earrings are from Banana Republic and you can get them here. They are only $15.97. So, they’re on super sale!

My shoes from Steven Madden are linked here ($89.95).


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